Training & schooling

Here we will try to have some info & guidance to local & online training information - to help riders stay motivated & improving - even if you don’t go to private lessons every week!  There is a lot of information available to riders out there & hopefully we can spread the word of some good sources.  If you have some helpful information that you think other riders would be interested in - please send us an email with info, to:
Local lessons
We have top coaches coming to our area on a regular basis. Thankfully we have some fantastic arena venues where they attend - both at the Eatons (Kahikatea Flat Road, Waitoki) & the Campbells (Boarden Road, Dairy Flat) & Phillipa Levy’s area (Horseshoe Bush Road, Dairy Flat)

Currently attending coaches are:
• Vanessa Way, for dressage - contact Rowan Dixon:
• John & Carolyn Twomey - contact Sara Hand:
• Kirstin Kelly jumping lessons - contact Sara Hand:

If you know of an attending coach that is not on this list - please email us, so we can add it to the website:
Steffen Peters - via Youtube

Youtube video’s - Steffen Peters (current FEI World Cup Dressage Grand Prix champion) 2 day clinic through all levels. 
This covers hours of viewing - as though you were there at the clinic. (Broadband required).

General link to videos:

The following video’s (up to 10min long each) cover the following:
S1 to S9 - Overview
A1 to A8 - level 1
B1 to B5 - level 2
C1 to C7 - level 3
D1 to D8 - level 4
E1 to E12 - PSG & Int-I
F1 to F11 - Int-II

From this Youtube member, there are also video’s on the following:

Half Pass...

In this session on the half pass, Hubertus Schmidt works with Cesar Parra riding
Furst Fabio, while Withages provides the comments on judging.

Flying changes (Part I & Part II)...

The Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association (ESDCTA) 
fourth annual forum in 2006 featured Mariette Withages, Chair of the Federation
Equestre Internationale (FEI) Dressage Committee and "O" judge, together with 
Hubertus Schmidt, German Champion, Olympic rider, trainer and coach. In this 
session, Ms. Withages explains the flying changes and Mr. Schmidt discusses
the training of the horse. Later he works with Claudia Arnold riding Denmark, a 
horse owned by Sonia Zugel. This is a 2 part video.

Priouette (Part I & Part II)...

This is a video from the session on the Pirouette. It highlights Hubertus Schmidt 
working with AnaMaria Espinosa on her horse, Kwiksilver. Ms. Withages describes 
the requirements for the pirouette.  Part 2 highlights Schmidt's work with Courtney 
King riding Idocus. This is a 2 part video.
Online; Carl Hester - Masterclass

Excellent & inspiring clinic coverage on Horse & Country TV.  Hours of viewing - going through Carl Hester’s training techniques - viewing horses of varying levels & ages & personalities (hot horses & quiet horses). Excellent viewing - Fast Broadband required for best viewing. (Some of you also may recognise ex kiwi eventing rider, Greg Smith, in one of the sessions - who has worked for Carl for a couple of years now.)

EPISODE 1:  Join Carl Hester at Crofton Manor for his Fantastic Elastic masterclass. Get top tips from the dressage maestro and see Tomato & Valegro in action in this episode.

EPISODE 2:  Get top tips from the dressage maestro and see Dea, Movistar and Rosso in action in this episode.

MORE Carl Hester MasterClass sessions from Horse & Country TV website:



Lucinda Green clinic...  

On Horse & Country TV, view hours of equestrian coverage, clinics, masterclasses & more....  If you are unable to make it to the NZ clinics this month - then you can watch Lucinda Green at work - online. Fast Broadband required for best viewing.
Ferdi Eilberg Masterclass...  

On Horse & Country TV, World Class Performance Director of Coaching for British Dressage and dressage trainer to Ireland's eventing team, Ferdi Eilbergy shares his training secrets with you. Fast Broadband required for best viewing.
Online resorces:
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